Some Hidden Features In Gmail For Android

Gmail is the Google E-Mail & Messaging service. Which very useful for many purposes like E-Mailing, Backup data(words, audio), nowadays Nowadays in a world every person at least one Gmail account. Every Gmail account Free Limited Storage Is 15 GB. Gmail app is installed  Almost Every Android Device.

Some Hidden Features In Gmail For Android
Some Hidden Features In Gmail For Android

Because It's fast and easy to use.  But with some hidden feature here or a setting tweak there, it's possible to get even more out of the app

Select multiple messages:


We probably know about any words We can select multiple messages in our inbox by a long pressing on one then tapping others. But we can also select emails simply by touching the colorful circle to the left side them, allowing for super-quick multiple selecting.
Those circles can be hidden in the settings, and if we do that, we can then select multiple messages by long pressing with various figures at the same time.

Mute Conversations:

If we use the Gmail app for work or any kind of group situation, it's likely we'll often find himself being cc'd in an initial email for reference, then copied in every single reply, even when we're not part of the conversion. It clutters our inbox and risks overloading with notifications.
Gmail has a handy method for dealing with this. Open of the messages in the conversion, tap the three dot menu button and select mute.
Muting a conversion means that all feature replies will bypass our inbox and be automatically archived. It only applies to that particular conversion thread, and we'll still see other incoming mail from the same people.