How to remove $RECYCLE.BIN & System Volume Information folder from PC | Windows OS

If you are using WINDOWS OS then sometimes may be affected when automatically creates two folders. $RECYCLE.BIN & System Volume Information. If this folder creates, then it may affect your system. This folder creates all DRIVE in your system & Close your windows action center. This folder can not be deleted. If you delete this folder, then it says "you have not administrator permission provided."

How to remove $RECYCLE.BIN & System Volume Information folder from PC | Windows OS
$RECYCLE.BIN & System Volume Information folder from PC | Windows OS 

This folder scanning process will active through Windows Defender and other antivirus software But it deletes permanently. This type of folder is called virus or malware.

Remove $recyclebin

Permanently Delete This Folder

.If you want to remove this folder then follow the instructions which are given below. You can use some step for remove the folder fast.

>>>Go to This PC 

Remove $recyclebin

>>>Open the open any drive (Because of this folder in all drive.)

Remove $recyclebin

>>> Go to the View Option Instructions Provided top of your PC

Remove $recyclebin

>>> Click to Options And click to Restore Default

Remove $recyclebin

After clicking Restore Default, you found deleted this folder. When Deleted this folder may be in your PC Action Center will be started. If it be not started then Go to
  1. Control Panel
  2. System and Security
  3. Action Center
  4. click Restart Now
After Start the Action Center You Can open Windows Defender and another antivirus click to full scan PC. After scanning removes any ambiguity and Restart yours.
And rock Now to Any action.

Some Action that has you applied then your PC work will be faster

  1. After closing the internet browser, you need delete history.
  2. Unwanted App uninstall from the PC
  3. You can use cleaner and booster like any software
You can also use:
Click the Button Windows Key + R, RUN will open,
If free run then you can perform three type of actions 
  1. prefetch
  2. temp
  3. %tem%
When you begin to run
Remove $recyclebin
Use the this Make your PC faster...
Thank you