Apple wanted to buy Intel's phone-modem chip for business

Apple wanted to buy Intel's phone-modem chip for business

Apple held converses with chip-producer Intel about procuring its cell phone modem chip business in a multi-billion dollar arrangement to increase the advancement of remote innovation for iPhones, the media revealed. As per a report in The Wall Street Journal on Friday, the two organizations were in talks since a year ago, however, those discussions have now "slowed down."

Apple has been dealing with its very own chips for a long while. Gaining Intel's innovation could have helped the iPhone creator quicken its arrangements.

"Intel is presently investigating vital options for its modem chip business, including a conceivable deal," the report included.

The chip-producer has gotten articulations of enthusiasm from various gatherings and has procured Goldman Sachs to deal with the procedure.  Intel has affirmed the "shock" settlement among Qualcomm and Apple pushed it to leave the portable 5G race.

"In light of the declaration of Apple and Qualcomm, we evaluated the prospects for us to profit while conveying this innovation for cell phones and closed at the time that we simply didn't see a way," said Bob Swan, Intel CEO.